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Jürgen Hartmann has been working as a freelance trumpeter and trumpet pedagogue for many years. He plays in a wide variety of musical settings ranging from solo concerts accompanied by organ,
cembalo or an entire orchestra to performances with his own ensembles. He specializes in early music and performs almost the entire range of baroque music. During many years devoted to interpreting this music as authentically as possible, he has gained tremendous experience and expertise. Today Jürgen Hartmann performs extensively on modern and baroque trumpet in solo as well as chamber music settings. He is also turning more and more towards the natural trumpet which – in contrast to the baroque trumpet with a few vent holes – has no means to adjust pitch. Hartmann’s concerts delight audiences with their interesting and often unusual themes. Furthermore, his ensembles perform in cantatas and oratorios, and can also be booked to enrich festivities and social events.